Funny Japanese Street Signs 面白い道路標識

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if you can't read Japanese. From

about “funny japanese street signs”

My first blog, The Tokyo Files (, was inspired by my ever-growing collection of funny Japanese street sign photos. The Tokyo Files has expanded into many different topics, so I created Funny Japanese Street Signs as a dedicated blog for my original project.

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Unless otherwise noted, all photos and text in this blog are copyrighted by the author (or whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo is). Please contact me with any questions or comments.

9 thoughts on “about “funny japanese street signs”

  1. dear pleasetry-person, thank you for your blog! as i’m staying in tokyo for a few months it is quite perfect for me to read it as we have the same interests. nice! and i will soon go and see st. marys cathedral, wow* best wishes, nadja

  2. I have never lived in Tokyo but I am really crazy about the city and also the country. I do wish I could visit it someday. Thank you for the blog.

  3. Love your blog but one question, how do you have ‘time on your hands’ when you are working in Tokyo? I was only an intern for 2 months and already working 12 hour days..and know friends who also regularly work weekends. You must have an awesome job.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Where do I find the time? First, all the time I should be using to learn Japanese better…that quickly disappeared. And sleep…that sometimes disappears too. As for my job…maybe 11 hour days, but not too many weekends…for now!

  4. Although my father was in Japan during the Occupation, he respected the country and their people. I will be following this blog to add on to my education about the war and the culture. My research started with my father’s observations and has continued to this day.

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